Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What are we doing here?


So, the idea for this blog came about because a couple of colleagues and I regularly discuss issues grouped around a range of topics involving, in no particular order:
  • Project management in Higher Education
  • Leadership and vision with IT sections/departments
  • IT Governance
In our daily work we frequently find that a little more attention paid to these areas can pay huge dividends further down the line when it comes to delivering a demonstrably successful project, but that all too often they are neglected because they're seen as adding a work burden upfront that no-one wants to take on.

So the purpose of this blog, from my point of view at least - my co-authors are free to disagree - is to highlight critical principles and methodologies that are worth the upfront cost and that, once adopted, can be easily integrated into existing working practices.

I also want to make space for a higher level discussion relating to the issues affecting the operation of IT services within the sector I currently work: Higher Education. It feels as though there is a genuine disconnect between IT service provision and business needs and drivers in this sort of public sector context, for me at least this is a real problem and one that must be addressed if we are to be able to justify our existence and deliver what you'll hear me waffle on about as 'Demonstrably Effective IT'. This is where the 'Leading IT on' title of the blog comes from, a desire to de-construct the usual working practices and work out how they can be lead forwards and how one should lead when taking them forwards.

I'll expand more on what I mean by all of this in future posts, but for now I'll just say "welcome" to you, our readers and "what have you signed up to?" to my co-authors and save some thoughts for another day!

- rob